Dunkelblaue (Jeans Stil) Mund-Nasen Masken

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Besonders chic: Dunkelblaue Mund-Nasen-Masken in intensiver Jeans Farbe (kräftiges Jeans Blau).... mehr
Produktinformationen "Dunkelblaue (Jeans Stil) Mund-Nasen Masken"

Besonders chic: Dunkelblaue Mund-Nasen-Masken in intensiver Jeans Farbe (kräftiges Jeans Blau).

  • Mit formbarem Nasenbügel für gute Passform.
  • Größe: ca. 17,5cm * 9,5cm.
  • Standard: GB/T 32610-2016.
  • Mehrlagig. Material: Non-woven fabric 70%, Melt-blown fabric 30%.

Diese dunkelblauen, Jeans-farbigen Mund-Nasen-Masken sind optisch besonders attraktiv, komfortabel, leicht und einfach mitzuführen.

Auf Wunsch (senden Sie uns eine Nachricht) für 10 Cent Aufpreis auch einzeln in Zip-Lock Beuteln verpackt erhältlich.



Angaben von Hersteller 1:

Name of product: Disposable mask (Non-medical)
Execution standard: GB/T 32610-2016
Specification: A flat 17.5cm * 9.5cm
Raw material: Non-woven fabric 70%, Melt-blown fabric 30%
Production batch: 20200910
Production date: 2020.09.10
Shelf life: Two years
Inspection: Qualified
Scope of Application: This Product Shall Not Be Used In Fever Clinic, Isolation Ward, Isolation Observation Ward, Operating Room, Isolation Intensive Care Unit And Other Areas
Manufacturer: Anqing Qinda Labor Protection Products Co., LTD
Address: No. 5 Sangiao Road, Industrial Park Huaining County, Anging, Anhui, China

Angaben von Hersteller 2:

Product name: Disposable general protective mask (non-medical)
Execution standard: GB/T 32610-2016
Product specification: 17.5cm x 9.5cm
Main material: 50% non-woven fabric + 40% fusion sprayed fabric + 7% spandex + 3% polyolefin resin
Inspection date: 2020 10 5
Batch number: 20201005
QC Inspector: 02
Term of validity: three years
Producers: Anhui Xiangpin Medical Equipment Sales Co., Ltd.
Factory ADD: Room 1, No. 012, Fengshuzu, Lingqiao Neighborhood Committee, Gaohe Town, Huaining County, Anqing City, Anhui Province
Operation instructions:
[application scope and application] it is suitable for personal protection in ordinary environment, not suitable for isolation ward, operating room, intensive care unit and other areas.
[usage] 1. Stick the mask on the face with the nose clip upward and cover the chin under the mask. 2. Hook the left and right ear ropes to the ears. 3. Adjust the shape of the nose clip with both hands to ensure the tightness.
[note] the mask should be replaced in time. It is not recommended to use it for a long time or repeated use. In case of discomfort or adverse reactions during wearing, it is recommended to stop using it.
[special storage conditions and methods] 1. It should be stored in the environment with relative humidity below 80%, no corrosive gas and good ventilation to avoid high temperature. 2. During transportation, the products shall not be too extruded to avoid package damage, direct sunlight and rain and snow.

Altersgruppe: Masken für Erwachsene, Masken für Jugendliche
Typ: Hygienische Alltagsmasken
Art der Befestigung: Ohrschlaufen dehnbar
Farben: Dunkelblau
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